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Single Hung vs Double Hung Windows | Which Is Better For My Home?

Updated: May 24, 2021

As a homeowner, choosing between a single or double-hung window that complements the overall look of your home, can be a tough decision to make. Key differences such as price, safety, and maintenance are just some of the things you thought about before purchasing.

In this article, we are going to look at the main difference between the two windows, and after reading this article, you should have a pretty good idea of which window is better for your home!

What Are Single Hung Windows?

Single-hung windows are vertical-sliding windows with an upper and lower sash. A sash is a rectangular frame containing the window glass. Only the lower sash is installed to move vertically to provide ventilation, and they are more weather resistant compared to a double-hung window.

What Are Double Hung Windows?

Double-hung windows provide better airflow and are more common in most homes today. Both sashes move up and down, and their architectural design makes them easier to clean. In terms of safety around children, this design dominates the window world, since the upper sash can be left open while the lower is closed.

Key Differences Between The Two

Aside from their primary function, one of the key differences between the two windows is their ventilation. Double-hung windows provide better air circulation and airflow, compared to single-hung windows. Single-hung windows may fail to provide proper ventilation when a room is large. If you have bigger rooms in your home that require more air circulation, grabbing double-hung windows may be the better option for you.

Double-hung windows can be easily cleaned since they have tilting sashes as a feature. This allows efficient cleaning on both the interior and exterior parts of the window without the help of a professional. This tilting function is helpful for windows on higher floors. An additional function to open the fixed sash for single-hung windows may be possible. However, it will increase the cost, and lose its budget-friendly feature.

Single-hung windows are the better option when it comes to energy efficiency. It is more energy efficient because the top sash is permanently fixed. Double-hung windows don’t always seal properly at the top edge of the frame. More energy is saved when there is less heat escaping the room.

Double-hung windows provide better safety than single-hung windows since you can choose to only open the top sash. This function allows a safer environment for pets and children while maintaining ventilation for the room. This is a function that you can't do with a single-hung window. For single-hung windows, you will need to look closely after your pets and children to prevent accidents.

Single Hung

  • More Budget Friendly

  • More Energy-Efficient

  • Easier To Install

Double Hung

  • Both Sashes Open & Close

  • Safer for Kids & Pets

  • Great for Air Circulation in Large rooms

  • More Durable & Easier To Clean

Difference In Cost?

Single-hung windows are more budget-friendly compared to double-hung windows. The structure of a single-hung window is much more simple, which means the expenses for repairs or installation would cost a lot less. Double-hung windows have more features and require professional installers which would lead to higher costs.

Pros & Cons

Single Hung

Single-hung windows are much harder to maintain and clean since only one sash can be moved, which makes the fixed sash harder to reach. You would need to be inside the house to clean the interior side of the window, and outside to clean the exterior.

Cleaning becomes a problem when the window is high off the ground. They may need a different cleaning tool to reach difficult areas for easy cleaning. This requires extra effort and increases the risk of injury when cleaning the exterior side of the window.

Meanwhile, double-hung windows are easier to clean since there’s access to both sashes. The windows can be moved alternately and can be tilted so you can clean both the interior and exterior sides of the window while staying inside your home. Some seasons may require you to clean your window more than once a month. While double-hung windows are easier to clean.

Double Hung

In terms of safety, double-hung windows are far more superior than single-hung windows. Safety becomes an issue when there are children and pets inside since the only opening for single-hung windows is the lower sash. This problem is eliminated with the help of a double-hung window since you can open the upper sash when there are children and pets in the room.

Double-hung windows also have two locks on the frames and sashes, which makes them more durable since they have to deal with the additional weight of the construction. However, if it is not closed properly, double-hung windows become a potential risk. Gravity pulls down the upper sash and may cause the window to not lock completely. This issue is eliminated by double-checking whether the window is locked.

While single-hung and double-hung windows have their appeal, both of them are amazing for installation. Other than their versatility, most people install these windows in their room to serve as their emergency exits in case of fire. Because of this reason, these types of windows are widely used in cities where tall buildings and apartments are.

Which Is Better For You & Your Home?

You will need to examine your house before you choose which one is better for your home. Single-hung windows get their popularity from their budget-friendly price. Many people choose single hung windows since it is relatively cheaper than double-hung windows.

However, if you have lots of open space