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Why Replacing Windows Is A Good Home Investment

As a homeowner, it is important to feel comfortable and have a visually appealing look at your home. One great way to grasp a better home experience is looking to get a window replacement. Window replacement improves a house's style, energy efficiency, and comfort. If you are considering replacing your windows for your home, you may be wondering if it is a good investment. Houses in Dallas, TX tend to use quality windows that are maintenance-free and are of different varieties of styles, colors, and textures.

How Much Does A Window Replacement Cost?

Window replacement
Window Installation

The cost of a window replacement may vary depending on the type of window being installed in your home. One must consider the size, function, and appearance of the window before installing the replacements.

The national average cost for window replacement costs $650 per window. The cost starting from low-end to high-end is $200 to $1800. There are many reasons to replace your windows and these projects cannot be done without the help of a professional. Most labor costs from $30 to $65 per hour or around $100 to $300 per unit.

The following table is the cost of window replacement by material, type, and the average costs per window:

Window Cost Per Material

Wood - $150-$1300

Composite - $300-$1200

Fiberglass - $500-$1500

Vinyl - $100-$900

Aluminum - $75-$400

Window Cost By Type

Double-hung - $150-$650

Single-hung - $400-$400

Fix & Picture - $65-$700

Casement - $150-$1000

Sliding - $150-$800

Storm - $50-$300

Bay & Bow - $600-$4000

Custom - $1000+

Pocket - Varies

Average Window Replacement Cost Per Window

5 - $1500 - $3,500

10 - $3000 - $7,000

15 - $4500 - $10,500

20 - $6000 - $14,000

Do New Windows Increase The Value Of My Home?

Replacing your house's old windows with new ones come with numerous benefits, and the most known being the increased value of your home. The investment might not be known immediately, but you will not regret it once you realize the benefits when they’re installed. According to Porch, more than 78% of the project cost will be returned when you are ready to resell your property. The return you receive is through the increased property value of your home. New windows will attract potential buyers because of their aesthetic, functionality, and protection. Thus, this will make your home more attractive which means more profit.

Key Benefits of Replacing Windows

Vinyl windows

Energy Efficiency

One of the most cost-effective home improvements you can make is to replace your windows. Older windows may do a poor job at retaining the room’s temperature thus, investing in well-insulated new windows will prevent cold and hot air from escaping. With the season constantly changing, replacing your windows will help prevent extreme weather conditions from outside that affects the temperature of your house. The new energy-efficient vinyl windows installed into your home prevents air from leaking or getting into the house. This will avoid waste of energy in A/C and make your home more comfortable than before.

Noise Reduction

A quiet and peaceful home may be hard to achieve when you constantly deal with the extremely loud noises in your neighborhood. It’s not always possible to control external sounds, even the seclusion of your residence. However, the most effective way to improve your comfort is to dull the noise outside with the help of new quality windows. The best type of quality window is a multi-pane window which reduces sound transmission from the outside. And for better results, select thicker, and laminated windows.

Durability & Safety

Replacing your windows can improve the safety of your home since quality windows can help prevent incidents and injury. As an example, tempered glass breaks into small chunks instead of sharp and jagged shards. Laminated glass has a polymer interlayer which offers improved durability. This provides better protection from potential intruders since it holds the glass together even when the window is shattered.

Curb Side Appeal

Boosting your home’s curb appeal is just as important as the functions of the window. Adding visual interest and aesthetics can help increase your home’s overall value. Windows are a part of the house that everyone sees when they look at your house, and old damaged windows can be an eyesore. If visual appeal is something that interests you, getting new windows can make a big difference, giving your home a look that suits your style.

Improve In-Home Comfort

A house that is safe, free from noise, and retains the desired temperature definitely improves your comfort experience. High-quality, dual pane windows manufactured today, offer many options regarding comfort and energy efficiency. Quality windows with improved durability give you a sense of comfort from intruders trying to break in. For physical comfort, noise reduction makes street noise less noticeable. Additionally, new windows prevent air from going in and out which causes discomfort with the change in temperature and high energy consumption. Thus, having a peaceful and comfortable home is a good investment.

What’s The Return On Investment For Replacement Windows?

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