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Window Design With Operational Bottom Sash

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What Are Single Hung Windows?

Single hung windows feature a bottom sash (bottom panel) that moves vertically. The upper sash remains fixed and never moves. This is a common operational window and you can find them in most homes.

The Benefits of New Single-Hung Windows

Single hung windows are one of the most sought out window operations in the Dallas -  Fort Worth Metroplex. Their simplicity, reliability, and affordability makes them ideal for almost every home. Their intuitive operation makes it easy to open and close, controlling airflow, making them perfect for bedrooms and first floor window openings. Compared to their double hung counterpart, single hung replacement windows can be a more cost effective option when replacing. With standard half screens you can enjoy the great weather or easily let a breeze through your home to stay cool in the summer months. A single hung replacement window will certainly get a lot of use.

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Customize Your Single Hung Replacement Windows

​When it comes time to replace your windows, many folks don't take the time to consider changing the operation or design of their windows, rather they just replace what they have. While this is sometimes the best option, there are generally important aesthetic or operational changes you can make to get the most out of your new windows. Some things you may consider changing:

  • Grid Patterns

  • Frame Color

  • Sash Height

  • Operation

  • Obscurity + Textured Glass

These options are available in all of our vinyl window styles. During your consultation with our window experts, you will have an opportunity to walk through these options in more detail as you help us design your new windows.

Our Colors

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Our Vinyl Single Hung Window Specifications

Our 7100 series is a reliable vinyl window design that combines quality and affordability with many optional features making it our most desired custom product. 


Energy Efficiency


Secure Seals


Custom Colors


Lifetime Warranty


Custom Design

1. Fully Extruded Recessed J-Channel
2. Beveled Exterior Main-Frame
3. Quanex Advanced Warm Edge Spacer Duralite®
4. 3/4" Insulated Double Strength Glass Unit
5. Fully Extruded Interlock at Sash Locking Rail
6. Reinforced Innergy™ Rigid Thermal Interlock System
7. Multi-Point Double Barrier-Fin Weather Stripping System
8. Sloped Sill Design
9. Multi-Chambered Sash and Main-Frame
10. Foam-Filled Frame Available
11. Fully Extruded Lift Rail
12. E-Z Tilt® Sash Design with Routed Flush Mount
13. Twin and Triple Hung Options

single hung replacement window vinyl


  • Sunshield® Virgin Vinyl

  • Main-Frame Jamb Depth of 3 1/4"

  • Patented Fusion Welded Frame and Sash

  • Constant Force Balance System​


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